Kamagra 100mg




Kamagra is fast, effective, & has a long lasting effect.
Kamagra brand erection pills! This pill with 100mg Sildenafil the drug against impotence has been stimulating many users for years. It is a perfect remedy if you, like many others, suffer from symptoms of a weak or semi-rigid erection! Also in this case use the indicated amount, for an even harder result you have to look further! namely our erection topper COBRA red THE erection pill! with 120mg or the Cenforce with no less than 150mg!

With a strip of Kamagra pills from our webshop, your big friend will soon be back to his old self!

Additional information

Additional information


Pfizer Lab


4 tablets per strip

Active ingredient

100mg Sildenafil


4-6 hours

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